Natural Solutions for Powder Processing

High-performance, natural ingredients for anti-caking and improved powder flow.

Natural Anti-Caking and Improved Powder Flow

Particulate materials, powders and bulk solids are widely used in the food processing and nutraceutical applications. For efficient processing, mixing and precise dosing, powders need to flow freely at all times to avoid caking and ensure the quality of the end product. Caking describes the agglomeration of powders, that form during transportation or storage of powders due to changes in temperature or moisture. During processing, caked powders becomes more challenging, resulting in a loss of product quality and a higher energy demand. To effectively process powders, a so called anti-caking agent and/or flow aid and is needed, in order to improve a powder’s flowability and therefore it’s processability.

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The Omya Calcipur product range consists of Natural Calcium Carbonate with specially selected particle size and surface properties. Our high-purity Natural Calcium Carbonate is a proven anti-caking agent and delivers non-dusty bulking while providing nutritional calcium for the fortification of dairy products.


Natural & Non-Nano Powder Processing

Omya provides a two product ranges for non-nano powder processing: Omyafood and Omya Calcipur. Omyafood 120 allows for anti-caking in a wide range of applications including spices and sport drinks, while Omya Calcipur performs as a cost-efficient flow aid in coffee creamers, milk powder and protein drinks.

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Being experts in calcium enrichment, Omya delivers solutions to many food & beverage applications by adding value trough different technological functionalities and nutritional benefits. 

Discover our Portfolio of Functional Minerals for Food & Beverage Applications

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Benefits of 
Omyafood 120

  • Safe substitute to nano-ingredients
  • Effective anti-caking
  • Easier powder processability
  • Improved product stability during challenging storage conditions
  • Improved end product performance
  • Safer working conditions during production (less dust formation)
  • No production alteration or further investments needed
  • Wide range of application
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Benefits of 
Omya Calcipur 110

  • Improves powder processability
  • Efficient anti-caking
  • Low dusting
  • Improves nutritional value
  • Cost competitive
  • Non-nano
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For spices and milk powder applications we have developed a special blend of Functionalized Calcium Carbonate (FCC) and tricalcium phosphate. FCC is natural calcium carbonate that was changed to a new mineral composition and structure, through a recrystallization process. Thanks to the particles’ specific composition, Omyafood 120 provides improved flowability of powders while minimize dust formation in processing. Omyafood 120 provides similar performance like traditional anti-caking agents, while being 
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